Stuff I Love On The Web - This website plays short youtube videos that have no previous views. Very interesting to see what pops up. Reminds me of “Interdimensional Cable”.

Hackernews - Best tech news on the net.

Electronic Freedom Foundation - The leading non-profit defending digital privacy, free speech, and innovation.

FontAwesome - The most comprehensive set of vector icons and social logos for web design.

Netlify - Free static site hosting, content delivery network, with SSL and custom domain. - Convenient way to mock up sites with placeholder images. Very simple to start using, just tag your images like this:

<img src=""> - Very nice looking CMS for static sites.

Learn X In Y Minutes - Great way to quickly get up to speed with new programming languages.

One Page Love - Great inspiration for landing pages and simple websites.

Stripe - Powerful and developer friendly payment processing. I use them for all my own online businesses.